Fixed vs. Adjustable Sights

Fixed vs. Adjustable Sights


When it comes to buying a firearm, making the right decision on gun sights can be tricky depending on your needs. Pistols with fixed sights cannot be adjusted for any impact the wind and distance can make. You have to trust your skill and hand-eye coordination to hit the target accurately. Fixed sights are good for concealed carrying and self-defense uses.

In comparison, adjustable handgun sights are a precision shooter’s tool. You can hit a bullseye from long range with the right adjustment to its windage and elevation. An adjustable sight option allows a pistol to be zeroed-in from a stationary position for a perfect hit.

Rifles and shotguns have their own options as well. Knowing which type is best, from fixed or adjustable sights, can improve your marksmanship and enjoyment at the range.

These fixed sights come with more or less all firearms, including revolvers and pistols. Fixed iron sights consist of a single front sight and two corresponding rear sight marks or points. A gap separates these two points parallel to each other. Shotguns or rifles bearing such marks may use beads at the end of the barrel to get the line in order for a perfect shot.

For rifles, a peep sight is like a fixed iron sight, with a few differences. A peep sight uses a fixed circular lens at the rear, through which you “peep” out to focus the target. A peep sight works like a simple fixed sight, where the front and rear sights are aligned for targeting.

Scopes are incredible accessories for long-range magnification and targeting. Sighting your target with telescopic sights can make an experienced shooter feel like they have pinpoint accuracy and are favorites of hunters for many types of game. As with all types of sights, there are many different options that could be best, depending on range and other conditions.

Depending on your firearm, your specific needs, and shooting situations, the differences between using fixed vs. adjustable sights (or scopes) could have a big impact on your accuracy. With a little practice, even the most experienced shooting enthusiasts can benefit from either fixed sights or adjustable ones.