Interesting Uses for Ammo Cans

Interesting Uses for Ammo Cans

Are you a firearms enthusiast or someone who wants to be prepared for an emergency? In either case, ammo cans might be for you. Yes, munitions boxes contain loads of bullets. However, if you have ever used ammo boxes or intend to do so, here are a few ideas for your ammo cans that might be of great help to you.

You do not have to be someone preparing for war or the fall of civilization to get the most out of your ammo boxes! In fact, these possible uses for ammo cans will make you want to take out your unused or old ammo cans for some "DIY" rather than normal ammo storage purposes.


Don't go for a new, all-in-one first aid kit at some expensive pharmacy. Instead, try an inexpensive and efficient solution so essential medical supplies are at an arm's length.

You can use it to store bandages, stitches, suture equipment, and medication. Ammo cans converted into first aid kits have ample space and water-resistance to keep supplies dry and ready for use at all times.

You can use ammo cans for other emergency purposes too. Whenever you are away from one, an emergency storage kit could come in handy. In the instance that you get separated from your group while hiking or are stuck in a car during a blizzard, you will want some essentials on hand.

Keeping emergency flares or a spare radio inside a compact, yet durable and fastened ammo can might help you get home at the end of the day! The can’s water-resistant features will protect flares, radios, batteries, and other supplies from liquid contact.

While ammo cans were not made to protect documents, especially from water or fire, they could still be used as an emergency storage container in a pinch and would allow you to grab all your paperwork quickly.

Do you prefer the DIY or ”old-school" cooking style when you are hungry on a hike or campground, or even when you are in your backyard with your friends and family? In that case, ammo cans can also provide a cooking feature.

All you have to do is remove the lid (not an audacious task, you just have to remove a bolt or so) and, if you prefer, one side of the can to allow grilling with firewood or charcoal inside the empty space. Add some small skewers so you can grill over the burning fuel inside the can. Or, you can just light a fire under the can to cook some baked potatoes and roasted corn in the husk.

Contrary to popular belief, if you prep an ammo can correctly, particularly a plastic one, you can use it to store water in the case of a true emergency. Steel cans could be used to heat up water (see the cooking tips) as well.

You can easily say that the uses for your ammo can above are just the tip of the iceberg. However, do try a few of these ideas and feel confident in being able to help yourself in emergencies. Even if you don't, you can always use them to keep your extra rounds!