Top 5 Handguns That Are Manufactured Exclusively in America

Top 5 Handguns That Are Manufactured Exclusively in America

Technological developments, increased labor, and capital mobility have contributed to the globalization of supply chains and other areas of the manufacturing industry. In today’s age of globalized economy, no finished product is manufactured solely in one country. The same goes for the firearm industry which has an extensive supply chain that is spread across multiple geographical regions. 

However, you will be surprised to know that some weapons are still manufactured exclusively in the United States. Let us take a look at the top 5 handguns whose entire supply chain is based in the US. 


Sturm, Ruger & Co., Inc. is one of the top American manufacturers of commercial firearms. The renowned SR-Series, manufactured by Ruger, comprises different models of semi-automatic pistols. The Ruger SR9c is a handy weapon that has full-size capabilities, despite its compact size. It is one of the most compact, double-stack pistols available on the market. 

With 30.0mm in thickness, the SR9c is easy to conceal and carry. It has a magazine capacity of 17 rounds and has a 9x19 Parabellum cartridge. Ruger SR9c is an authentic American weapon as all of its components are manufactured in the US. 


The Ruger LCP (Lightweight Compact Pistol) is a state-of-the-art sub-compact pocket pistol. Due to its lightweight and slim build, this pistol is ideal for concealed carry. The LCP can fit in several holsters. It has a two-finger textured grip which ensures a more secure hold on the weapon. It has a magazine capacity of 7 rounds.   

It has a total length of 5.16 inches and the total weight of the weapon is 270g. Ruger LCP has a glass-filled nylon frame and a blued steel slide. 


Kel Tec guns are an inexpensive alternative to Kimber and Ruger pistols. Kel Tec specializes in the manufacture of high-quality concealed carry weapons. Its P-3AT is a reliable, sub-compact weapon. It is chambered in .380 ACP and has a locked breech. The P-3AT was first manufactured in 2003. 

The P-3AT is equipped with a polymer frame with an aluminum insert, and the slide and barrel are made of steel. It has a total weight of 240 g and it is of the same size as many .22 and .25 caliber pistols. The P-3AT is the lightest pistol in the .380 ACP pistol series. 


Wilson Combat is an American brand of firearms that specializes in the manufacture and customization of M1911A1s. The 4-inch 1911 is one of the finest concealed carry weapons. With its full-size capabilities, it is the ultimate carry pistol. The 4-inch 1911 comes with a fully-machined aluminum frame which contributes to its lightweight of 938 grams. 

It is half a pound lighter than the average steel frame pistol that has similar dimensions. The round butt frame, concealment beavertail grip safety, carry cuts, and ball endmill cuts contribute to its sleek design and lightweight. 

Despite being compact, it has the shooting ability of a 5-inch pistol. It is equipped with all the features that should be present in a daily use pistol. 


The Hi-Point 916 is an all-American pistol. It is a compact weapon that comes with a trigger lock, a rear peep sight, and adjustable 3-dot sights. The frame and grip are made of sturdy polymer. For fool-proof security, the Hi-Point 916 has a manual thumb safety and a magazine disconnect safety. The length of its barrel is 3.5 inches, while the total length of the weapon is 6.75 inches. It has a double-action and a 9mm Luger Caliber. The overall weight of the weapon is 29 ounces.