S&W 1917 Revolvers

S&W 1917 Revolvers

Smith and Wesson has a deep and storied history in the firearm industry. The company has been manufacturing premium end guns for a while. While this firearm manufacturer’s latest installments are nothing short of brilliant, its older versions are still in demand. The S&W 1917 revolver, in particular, is famous among long time gun enthusiasts and antique lovers.


Smith and Wesson manufactured this revolver due to the 1917 war. Sure, soldiers had tons of other options too, but they wanted something compact yet highly-efficient, leading to the creation of the 1917 revolver. The lack of issuable weapons during the First World War was a massive issue. What's more, the army had no more than 110,000 firearms on hand, and most of them were of poor quality. 

Army personnel wanted a gun designed around rimmed cartridges. Why? Because they wanted it to be compatible with the government’s new and rimless rounds. Smith and Wesson addressed this problem by utilizing a metal device known as the “half-moon clip.” This design could hold multiple rimless cartridges with an extractor groove and a relatively smaller revolver cylinder, providing sufficient room for headspace when using the clips.

This half-moon clip's introduction proved to be the ideal solution for army personnel as they noticed a significant improvement in the gun's functionality and overall efficiency. After fulfilling its military-based obligations, Smith and Wesson manufactured a commercial variant of this highly-acclaimed revolver. Surprisingly, this commercial model was remarkably identical to the original version. However, it didn’t have any military markings or checkered grips.

Smith and Wesson’s initial sales were low to moderate, but as people became familiar with this gun’s quality, a higher number of people bought it. This firearm's production saw a rapid boost during the late 1930s as the Brazilian government requested Smith and Wesson to provide them with 25,000 guns. It was quite similar to the 1917’s military model, with the side plates being the only noticeable difference.


The 1917 revolver by Smith and Wesson shared the lightweight barrel of its former 1914 variant. However, this model is incredibly effective and ergonomic, a massive reason behind its popularity. Smith and Wesson also hardened this gun’s case and made it blue, except for the trigger and hammer. The company also checkered and narrowed the hammer spurs while shortening the cylinders, ensuring users could enter multiple half-moon clips containing three ammo rounds. 


Despite being an older model, Smith and Wesson’s 1917 revolver provides incredible range time. You will have no trouble firing the bullets dead center at your targets with some practice. What’s more, if you choose the right bullets, they can travel as far as twenty yards, a superb range for a short revolver released during the 1900s.

It would be fair to say that Smith and Wesson’s 1917 revolver has been an excellent firearm since its inception. You can find it in renowned used-gun markets, and make it an excellent protection piece for your home.  Of course, Smith and Wesson released modern versions of this gun, like the Model 625 and 325. However, the original version is a class apart, proving to be an outstanding choice for speed shooting sports and home protection.