Ruger LCP Review

Ruger LCP Review

Ruger is a high profile gun brand that has been manufacturing top-quality firearms since the 1940s. The company’s vast range of revolvers, pistols, and rifles is immensely popular in the United States and several other countries. While this company possesses an incredibly versatile arsenal of firearms, one pistol, in particular, has been becoming increasingly popular, and that is the Ruger LCP. For those who don’t know, the Ruger LCP is a semi-automatic, lightweight pistol, popular among individuals with concealed carry licenses.


Many shooters didn’t give the .380 the credit it deserved for being a self-defense cartridge. Sure, the .380 is not as strong as the .38 Special, but it does the trick. The exemplary bullet design innovations have been influential in changing people’s views about the .380.

What's more, the .380 has become more powerful with its modern self-defense rounds containing high expansion hollow points. It has been a massive reason behind the .380s astonishing surge in popularity as a practical self-defense firearm for people searching for a light, easy to handle alternative to traditional guns.


Carrying a concealed carry weapon can often be a challenge, especially during warmer weather. Why? Because in most cases, people wear light clothes, which often causes difficulty in hiding the firearm. The last thing you want to do is get spotted with a massive GLOCK concealed around your lightweight shorts. Fortunately, the Ruger LCP eliminates this issue by providing users a compact, yet viable solution.

The lightweight and small size of the LCP is a massive reason it has become one of the most reliable pocket-carry pistols. What’s more, Ruger is well aware of the increasing trend of pocket carry firearms and responded by creating a comfortable pocket holster for its guns, proving that it indeed listens to its customers.


The Ruger LCP is as reliable as they come, especially considering it is significantly smaller than traditional firearms. Whether it is the pickup operation, slide operation, or ramp angle, this gun delivers and, in some cases, over-delivers.

Upon testing this gun on the firing range, you will notice that it doesn’t have ejection, misfiring, or feeding problems. What’s more, you can also use high expansion bullets with it without compromising its functionality.


It should be abundantly clear by now that the LCP is a compact, short-barreled pistol for self-defense. You may not think it is the most accurate gun at first sight, but shooting your first rounds will surprise you. If you have some shooting experience, you will have no trouble keeping your shots inside the nine rings on the traditional silhouette target.

That said, you may face some difficulty shooting from afar. However, you can still manage to shoot accurate rounds with adequate training.


As mentioned earlier, the Ruger LCP is one of the best concealed carry weapons in the market. Its compact size, reliability, and accuracy are enough reasons for license holders to try it. You may not be winning any tournaments or shooting matches with this gun, but its superb functionality and fool-proof design will give you loads of confidence when carrying it outside.